FAQs - Directors

Early Registration Fee is $175 per Drumline. After the deadline it is $200 per Drumline.

Entry Fees need to be mailed to:
College Station High School Band
Attn: Jon Seale
4002 Victoria Ave.
College Station, TX 77845

Checks made out to: CSHS Cougar Band Boosters
Please Indicate Drums Along the Brazos or Drumline Contest in the Memo Line.

Or register online at www.drumsalongthebrazos.com

Absolutely! This contest is open to both High School and Middle School Drumlines.

Our email has either gone to your Spam filter, or perhaps there was an error on our part. Please email
jseale@csisd.org to let me know of any problems.

Your Director will have an allotment of Wristbands for Students, Drivers, Directors, and Chaperones. Anyone outside of those groups will need to purchase admission.

Our Divisions are based upon the UIL Designation of your school size (1A through 6A) and your Classification is chosen by you as the Director, either Novice or Advanced.

* We also have a Division specifically for Middle School Drumlines.

The Schedule will not be made available until after the initial deadline has passed. At that time, if you have entered the contest we will send you an email containing the current schedule, director’s information, rules and guidelines, and performance script . It will also be posted on our Contest Website.

Follow the Bus signs to pull up to the Check In Station. Our Staff and Volunteers will help you from there. Check the Site-Map for Locations.

We have a practice areas designated for your group around our school in the parking lots. Please plan to unload and practice no earlier than 2 hours before your scheduled contest performance. Depending on how many groups are in Attendance, we may have to ask you to pack up and move from your spot after your performance.

There is really no limit as to what you can play other than the time limit. Typically a Drumline will just play the same music as the Marching Band UIL show, possibly with some modifications. Some groups ask a few key wind players to come perform with them so that the “slower” selections make more sense to the audience, but that is not required. If wind players do perform with the group, the winds portion of the performance is not critiqued by the judges and will not alter the Drumline score. Some groups learn additional music that might better suit a Drumline Contest with Percussion Only. Just be sure to stay within your time limits.

Again, this is up to you as a Director. Many groups will wear their Band Uniforms. Some will wear some variation of their Band uniform (ie. Just the bibbers and a Drumline or Band Shirt). While others may just wear Drumline Shirts and Jeans. What you wear will not alter your judges score, but looking professional is always important.

Yes! We would love for you to make plans to stay all day and eat on- site. Our Band Boosters are planning on providing various meal, snack and drink options.

Yes, our Videographer for Drums Along the Brazos has done a great job working with this Contest since its inception in 2012. We will give each director a complimentary copy of their group’s performance. This copy will be a mostly unedited, wide angle, single camera DVD. The director will also receive an MP3 of the Judges’ Comments on a flash drive.

We are working on setting up a photographer to take at least group pictures, but as of right now, it is NOT available..

We will be selling T-Shirts at the Contest. We will also be doing a Pre-order by email through the Directors at a discounted price. The shirts that are left over will be sold at the Contest at the normal price while supplies last.

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datbcontest Our DAtB Drumline Contest is TOMORROW starting at 11am at College Station High School's Cougar Stadium! We look forward to seeing you!
datbcontest The 2016 Drums Along the Brazos Drumline Contest is officially set for Saturday, November 5, 2016 at CSHS Cougar Stadium.
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